I'm New


First Let Us Say, "Welcome"

Thanks for checking us (and our website) out!  We created this section to try to provide answers to some of the questions we'd guess you might be wondering about.  But if you don't find the answers you're looking for here, please give us a call (952-881-6956) or send us an email (office@oxboro.org).  

So who are we?

We're an Evangelical Free Church (check out "What we Believe" or "About Us"  if you want more details about what that means).  We're in Bloomington, Minnesota, about half a mile north of Kennedy High School.

We're not a huge congregation--on an average Sunday you'll find around 200 of us worshiping together.  That means we can get to know each other.  And most people tell us we're welcoming, so we'd like to know you too.  We're under a year old, over ninety, and everything in between.

We believe in what the Bible says (yeah, all of it).  And that tells us we're sinners in need of a savior.  So what we most want to do is make a difference in people's lives by pointing them to our savior, Jesus Christ.  And, we believe in caring for our community, each other and the world...because He told us to.

So check out the links and if you're even a little intrigued, please stop by and see us.